From about 200 publications and talks only some selected
  contributions are given here (copies are available on request):

>>At last more clarity, Sonne Wind & Wärme 3/ 2004
 Very often data sheet announcements don’t expose the real capabilities of
  photovoltaic modules. The European standard EN 50380 provides more ... (in German)

>>Optimizing System Planning - ... , Photon International 9/ 2003
 Experienced installers generally can rely on the knowledge they’ve gathered  on the job to
  design a PV system. But if one wants to get it exactly right, the technical assistance of ...

>>More light at smaller area , Sonne Wind & Wärme 5/ 2002
 Concentration of sunlight is considerably older than Photovoltaics. modern
  optical methods can contribute to make better use of solar cells ...    (in German)

>>Solar mobility, Sonne Wind & Wärme 5/ 2001
 Use of Photovoltaics can directly make sure mobility on land, water and in the air.
  However chances and potential of different application areas are quite different... (in German)

>> Long term operation of standard modules, Sonne Wind & Wärme 3/ 2000
 Examinations of PV modules, operating since more than ten years indicate
  a high long term performance ...  (in German)

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